Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just a day

So today my husband and I decided that we need to do something different with the kids in the morning. They hate to get up and get ready for school. They both love school but hate getting up in the morning. We have decided that we are going to make a sticker chart and they can add a sticker every time they get up with out fighting. After the chart is full they get to choose weather they get an extra hour on the computer, a picnic at the park or a friend sleepover. I am hoping with these choices that we are able to get them to want to get up in the morning. Justin fights a lot going to school. He has issues of being teased and tormented while being there. His teacher and school staff are working on the issue so I am pretty sure that it will get taken care of quickly. Kourtnee loves school. All she does is talks about how many friends she has and about all the new things they learned. She is only in kindergarten so I am hoping she keeps up the positive attitude about school. My husband has been going over and volunteering at the school so that also seems to help. I will keep you all posted on if all this works or not. Sorry had to get something written to make me feel better. Thanks for reading this.

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