Sunday, October 31, 2010

About Me

  I have 4 beautiful children. Sadie is my oldest she is no longer a baby or a child rather a young adult. Justin is 7 and he is a bight smart little boy even with his ADHD he has been able to do well in school and is above grade level. Kourtnee is my 5 year old she also has ADHD and is the toughest little girl I know. She is the meanest of all my kids. Micheal is my baby he is 1 and full of energy and just about ready to walk.
  I started this blog to have adult conversations. I love my kids but I need adult talk as well. I love to try new things as well as do tons of arts and crafts. I am not that great of a cook but I am working on it. I hope to get this site up and running fully and have lots of great ideas, and what not for all my readers as well as reviews and giveaways.

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