Monday, January 28, 2013

My crazy night

So my kids or at least 2 of them are ADHD and one minute they are fighting and hitting each other and then the next minute all lovey and what not. I asked them why and they would just say cause we hate and love each other mommy. My daughter Kourtnee is 5 and her emotions are always out of wack so I get used to it from her but my oldest son Justin who is 7 is usually pretty straight forward. After they were done eating dinner I told my daughter it was time to take a bath and get ready for bed so she had plenty of rest for school tomorrow usually she fights me and tonight she said okay mom, she goes in and starts her bath after about 5 minutes I go in to check on her and she is color cordinating the shampoos and soaps ect. I asked her why and she says cause mom they are pretty this way. After getting the 2 older ones to bed I go to put the baby to bed and find him asleep under the coffee table in the frontroom. I go to pick him up to put him in his bed and he starts laughing. I thought he had woken up and within a few minutes he was snoring again. I started laughing as I bent over to pick him up and he kicks his leg straight into the air. I asked him Micheal what is your deal tonight. He is 11 months old so of course he cant answer me and as I am asking him Justin had walked out to get a drink of water and looks at me and says so mom did Mikey learn to talk or are you just taling to yourself again. I turn and tell him to be nice to mom and go back to bed he laughs and turns around goes into his room and yells to his sister "watch out sissy mommy is talking to herself again." Now all three are sound asleep and I am one tired momma but I guess I really need this blog since my kids think I talk to myself alot.. Oh well I love my babies and I guess they will learn to deal with my self converstaions they seem to think I have. okay my laugh is over I just thought I would share that with all of you tonight. Goodnight Sweet Dreams


  1. So I am just now reading through your blog but that is really cute haha. My kids think nothing of it when I have conversations with myself. I tend to do that a lot lol.